Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuuum Cleaner has a straightforward design that makes cleaning a breeze. With an extra large suction opening, this cleaner effectively picks up dirt and debris. The 500-ml XL dust bin holds ample amounts of debris for easy disposal. It features two side brushes that reach hard-to-reach areas. The machine works great on both short pile carpets and hard floors.

Review of Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuuum Cleaner is an uncomplicated cleaning aid with a large suction opening that effectively picks up dirt. Its 500ml XL dust container is big enough to hold the dirt the robot picks up. It comes with two side brushes to get into corners and hard to reach places. It is suitable for both hard floors and short pile carpets.

The Vileda VR 102 has two side brushes that rotate to pick up dirt from hard floors and low pile carpets. Its XL dirt container holds 500 ml of dirt and does not require frequent emptying. However, it doesn’t have a docking station, so you’ll have to recharge it manually every few months. The battery life is only good for 90 minutes. Although the Vileda VR 102 can clean small floors, its battery life is not great. Some reviewers wish it had a scheduling function.


The Vileda VR 102 Robot VacuUM Cleaner is a low-cost robot vacuum with some basic features. Its Recommended Retail Price is around £170 and comes with a twin rotating brush bar. It can be easily programmed to follow specific tasks around the house. Vileda’s customer service is a great help should your robot vacuum have problems. Its user manual is available in both English and Spanish.

The Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuumb Cleaner is quite quiet, averaging 60 decibels. That’s less than the noise of an air conditioner or microwave, which means it won’t disturb you while you’re watching TV. Its battery life is shorter than other robot vacuum cleaners, so you’ll need to recharge it after 90 minutes. The Vileda is suitable for both hard floors and short-pile carpets. Unlike many other robotic vacuums, this one is low-profile, which makes it easy to maneuver and clean small areas.

The cons of the Vileda VR 102

If you are looking for a simple cleaning tool, the Vileda VR 102 is perfect for you. Its extra large suction opening picks up dirt effectively.

The Vileda VR 102 is great at picking up dirt on hard floors, but it may struggle with higher-pile carpets. It doesn’t have an advanced navigation system, which means that it will randomly navigate and bump into obstacles. While it is quite quiet, it will still need to be operated by a human to vacuum high-pile carpets and skirting boards. Vileda VR 102 is also capable of cleaning small homes, but it is not suitable for large ones.