Proscenic M8 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proscenic M8 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proscenic M8 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The new Proscenic M8 PRO Robot Vacumuum Cleaner is an impressively accurate robot vacuum cleaner. The M8’s laser-based mapping system, technically known as LIDAR, can distinguish the zones it is in much more accurately than camera-based mapping. I tested the M8 during my first run and found it to clearly identify zones. You can save multiple zones in the robot vacuum’s memory, and the device will remember the settings for every one of them.


If you’re looking for a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner, consider the Proscenic M8 PRO. This powerful robotic vacuum cleaner uses LDS laser technology to navigate different rooms. It’s highly recommended for larger homes and business premises. While other robots may struggle to clean around table legs, this one is very effective. It also has several extra features, including mapping your home to give you the most thorough clean.

The Proscenic M8 PRO Robot vacuum has a 280-ml dust bin. It automatically cleans itself when finished, so you don’t have to worry about having to empty the waste container yourself. The system also comes with two side brushes and a spare HEPA filter. To clean softer carpets, you can adjust the power level on the device. If the power level is too low, it automatically returns to its dust collector unit to charge.

Robotic vacuum

The battery of the Proscenic M8 PRO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is large enough to operate for four hours in silent mode. Its suction power is 2700Pa, with four levels to adjust the water flow. The battery can work for up to 250 minutes between charges. This robotic vacuum cleaner has a Proscenic APP compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. It is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Eco.

The M8 PRO has two modes – Eco and Hyperdrive. The Eco mode gives the Proscenic longest battery life, but it does not vacuum as well as Hyperdrive mode. In both modes, the Proscenic robot returns to the charging dock for further charging. This allows the M8 to resume cleaning where it left off. In standard mode, the Proscenic M8 PRO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet, so it is great for large rooms. It can clean up to 1.8 cubic meters of floor space in two hours and forty-eight minutes, respectively.

Robotic mop

The Proscenic M8 PRO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with several features. First, the robot needs to be charged before it can begin cleaning. Then, it should be placed approximately six centimeters from the wall. Once this is done, it needs a space of at least 1.2m in front and 0.5m on both sides. Next, the robot must be charged by short pressing the “Power” button. Then, it will go back to its dust collector unit for charging.

This robot vacuum cleaner can clean your home in as little as 4 hours in silent mode. It is capable of covering up to 320 square meters in one operation. Once the battery runs out, it will automatically return to its charging station for recharging in order to continue cleaning. This is particularly helpful if you live in a large area. The Proscenic M8 PRO can also be operated via voice using Google Assistant or Amazon Eco.

Intelligent navigation

The Proscenic M8 PRO is a high-tech robot vacuum cleaner with a laser navigation system to map out your home. The Proscenic M8 can clean around the legs of furniture and is also equipped with an app that lets you assign different areas for cleaning. Its micrometer-level clearing filter keeps dust and debris out.

The Proscenic M8 PRO Robot vacuum has an integrated mopping feature. This feature is available for the 4.3L dust disposal bag. It can hold enough dust to last 60 days before the replacement bag is needed. It also has a real-time mapping system using high-precision lasers. Unlike other robots, this one can mop around table and chair legs. It is also capable of cleaning around furniture, including corners.