Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mop

Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mop

I’ve been using the Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum for a week now. I’m impressed by the cleaning performance and ease of use. The T10 has many useful features, including a self-emptying dust bin and a docking station for charging. However, I have found some minor frustrations with the app. Here’s how it performs during its first cleaning job:

Self-emptying dust bag

The Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self-Emptying Dust Bag is a new robot vacuum that comes with a self-emptying dust bin and an integrated water tank. There is no mention of the capacity of the dust bin, but the robot also features three-layer filtration and a HEPA filter. The robot comes with a remote control and two spare bags, which will help it last a week or more of cleaning.

Docking station

The Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum has dual-action functionality, which means it can clean floors and dust, as well as mop up spills. The Ultenic uses a standard round frame, with a laser sensor in the center. The robot has two rubber wheels flanking the mop docking station and a water tank. The T10 also comes with an extra bag for storing dirty mop pads.


The Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum cleans up your floors by vacuuming, but the Ultenic T10 offers several features that make it stand out from other robotic vacuums. First of all, it features a dust bin that is automatically cleared after every cleaning cycle, which eliminates the need for manual dust removal. Second, the robot automatically aligns itself with the dust collection base when it finishes its cleaning cycle. Finally, this robot vacuum is equipped with a built-in water tank.


The Ultenic T10 robot vacuum with mop has a clear interface with easy access to cleaning modes. The robot vacuum can clean a wide range of surfaces and obstacles, including hard floors. It has a self-draining station, a mop attachment, and an area-cleaning mode. The robot vacuum is quiet and can last up to 60 days.