Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners UK

There are many cordless vacuum cleaners on the UK market, but only a handful of these can be regarded as one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners UK. Despite the many benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners, you still have to choose one based on your needs. Luckily, there are some models that are both effective and affordable. Take a look at our review of the best cordless vacuum cleaners UK below!

Gtech AirRam MK2

The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners UK are those that offer outstanding features and ease of use. Gtech’s AirRam MK2 is one of the most popular vacuums in the UK. This vacuum is easy to use and fun to use because of its incredible technology. For instance, the head of the Gtech AirRam MK2 has an LED light which illuminates all dark spots, even under your sofa! Its innovative design also enables you to clean more areas than ever, including those that are very difficult to reach with conventional vacuum cleaners.

Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum

The Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightstick Vacuum has a 450-watt motor and delivers 120-watts of suction. This vacuum is designed for both hard floors and carpets and features a 10-inch powered brush roll that agitates dirt in carpets.

The Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightstick Vacuum is a great alternative to the Dyson V10. It is very similar to the Dyson V10 in terms of look and performance. It also comes with a charging base, which is rather bulky but is very useful for charging the two batteries at once. The Tineco A11 Hero weighs just over 5.5 pounds as a stick vacuum and only 3.5 pounds as a handheld.

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum

If you’re looking for a cordless handheld vacuum for general cleaning duties, you’ve come to the right place. This machine is incredibly powerful and lightweight, and has three levels of filtration. The dirt bin is easy to empty and has a 23-ounce capacity. Another plus of this machine is that its paper element and filter are both easily removable. While the vacuum does not require a bag, these components do require replacing occasionally.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lilium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum has a 14V lithium-ion battery and its motorized brush roll headpiece helps get rid of pet hair. The vacuum is powerful enough to clean small areas, and it even has a non-motorized upholstery attachment to make it easier to reach tiny spaces. It is also surprisingly affordable compared to some of the other cordless vacuum cleaners on the market.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Vax Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

When summer holidays come around, the constant presence of kids and pets is inevitable. To help you keep your home clean, Vax has created the ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, a tough cordless cookie that comes equipped with a powerful motor and a rotating brush head. Read on to find out more about this vacuum cleaner. Here’s what you need to know about this cordless vacuum cleaner.

The VAX Blade 4 Pet is lightweight at just 3.1kg and boasts the same performance as a corded vacuum. It is easy to handle, has a sleek and lightweight design, and can be recharged quickly. The vacuum also comes with a removable motorised brush head for cleaning pet hair, which is handy if you have pets and a large home. The machine has a three-hour charge time, which is more than sufficient for most cleaning jobs.

Vax Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Ultenic U11 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Ultenic U11 Pro Cordless Vaculum Cleaner has an impressive array of accessories, including a crevice tool and a dust brush. This vacuum is also sturdy, with a solid build and a charging stand. In comparison, many similar models rely on wall-mounted docks. Overall, this vacuum is a solid choice, but for the price you’ll get better value.

The Ultenic U11 Pro Cordless Vaculum Cleaner features a powerful 25,000 Pascals of suction, compared to the 14,000Pa of the average stick vacuum. It also has three modes to suit different types of floor and carpet. Eco mode is suitable for everyday use, while Standard and Max are designed for deep pile and medium-textured carpets. You can also use Auto-Sensing mode to recognize which carpet type you are cleaning.

Ultenic U11 4 in 1 Hoover with Self-stand Bracket

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient tool for quick, deep cleans. This vacuum’s removable battery pack can be recharged anywhere, including at the wall. The suction power is not affected by battery life, which many people overlook when buying cordless vacuums. Its suction power lasts up to 40 minutes, which makes it perfect for quick cleans and deep cleans.

The PowerFins and Flexfology floor head provide 50 percent more suction than a standard vacuum. This means the vacuum picks up more dirt in fewer passes. The DuoClean floor head is designed to sift deep into carpets and engage hard floors. Moreover, the vacuum’s Anti Hair Wrap Technology helps prevent hair from being entangled in the brush roll. This cordless cleaner converts to a handheld model for easy portability.

Shark Cordless Stick 60 Minute Run Time

Beko PowerClean™ Cordless Vacuum

The Beko PowerCleanTM cordless vacuum cleaner features a unique SelfStand feature that allows it to stand on its own without falling over. Its self-standing feature makes it an ideal choice for people who live in apartments, condos, or houses with limited space. Beko is a leading home appliance brand in Europe and prides itself on balancing quality and ease of use.

Beko PowerClean™ Cordless Vacuum

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The PowerClean cordless vaccum cleaner features a slim stick body and a compact canister. The vacuum has 165-watt suction power and a light indicator to indicate how much power is left in the bag. This cordless vaccum cleaner also features LED lights and two floor cleaning heads. These accessories help you get the job done without too much hassle. The Beko PowerCleanTM is definitely one of the best cordless cleaners UK and is a great option for homeowners who want a reliable, low-cost vacuum cleaner.

Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 Cordless Cleaner

The Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a German-made vacuum cleaner that received the 2020 IF Design Award. Its engineered design is ideal for a wide range of uses and provides efficient vacuuming performance from floor to ceiling. This cordless vacuum cleaner weighs just 2.3kg when its nozzle and tube are connected. For an added convenience, you can even vacuum the stairs.

Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 BCS612GB ProHome 18 V

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The Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 BCS612GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a power brush with all-floor sweeping and cleaning, a powerful digital spin motor and easy-clean filter. The lightweight design and detachable handheld feature make this cordless vacuum cleaner ideal for use on hard floors and in tight corners. The cordless vacuum also includes a crevice nozzle attachment to help you get into tight spaces.

Miele Triflex HX1 vacuum cleaner

The Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice for bare floors. It picks up pet hair, fine debris and other bulky objects. It has a unique three-in-one design and can be easily maneuvered around tight spaces. However, its dirt bin is rather small and needs frequent emptying. However, it does have the advantage of a longer run time.

Miele Triflex HX1 – 3 in 1

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The battery life of the Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is adequate, as the vacuum’s 2500 milliamp battery lasts for up to 60 minutes in low-power mode, and 17 minutes in high-power mode. The Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner requires four hours to fully charge from empty. In our tests, it lasted approximately 30 minutes when using the main nozzle, and around 12 minutes in low-power mode. The battery life is not as long as claimed.

Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum is a lightweight stick vacuum that will make light work of cleaning your carpets, rugs and other areas. The machine is designed with easy handling in mind and features a large, 0.65-liter dust canister and washable Hepa filter. The Proscenic P11 can be recharged on a wall. Its user manual is easy to read and provides step-by-step instructions.
The Proscenic P11 is designed to look like an old sci-fi prop. It has a long telescopic wand, which has a trigger that’s located below the main barrel. This barrel houses the motor and a 0.65-liter dust bin. The trigger is a push-button rather than a finger-based trigger. This machine can clean 99 percent of dust and bacteria with the aid of its fully sealed HEPA filtration system.

proscenic P11 Cordless Cleaner

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A cordless vacuum cleaner can make your life easier as there are no wires or cables to get tangled up in. These products are lightweight and easy to use, and they are also less likely to cause snagging on carpets or other surfaces. A cordless vacuum cleaner also weighs less than a traditional vacuum, so it’s easy to store it and maneuver easily around your home. All the products listed above are capable of doing a good cleaning job. The one to chose will depend on individual preference, price and the type of surface to be cleaned.

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