Karcher SE 4001 3-in-1 Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner

The Karcher SE 4001 3-in-1 Hard Flooring and Carpet Cleaner is a combination hard floor and carpet cleaner and is part wet vacuum. It is capable of cleaning deeply into textile surfaces and is effective for both hard floors and carpets. It comes with a hard surface attachment and a spray extraction nozzle, a dry vacuum nozzle, a crevice nozzle, and a paper filter bag. It can clean hard floors and is also suitable for upholstery and car seats.

Karcher SE 4001 3-in-1 Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner

This versatile machine comes with a large, generous dirty water tank. It is very reliable on carpets and hard floors, leaving only tiny areas of trodden-in mud after carpet cleaning. However, it struggled with red wine stains, leaving a patch of dark colour on carpets after several passes. It is bulky and requires a strong trigger to dispense the cleaning solution, but the cleaning results are generally good.

This machine comes with a handy accessory storage compartment and an ergonomic handle with a locking mechanism. There is also a manual suction control located on the handle.

The SE 4001 spray extraction cleaner uses a powerful suction tube to get deep into the textile fibres. This machine is perfect for cleaning stairs with textile coverings, as well as mattresses, wall hangings and car seats. It removes dissolved dirt and is especially useful for allergy sufferers. It also has a removable 4-litre clean water tank that is easy to fill and empty. The 3-in-1 handle makes it easy to carry the machine and open and close its tank.

The Karcher FC3 cordless hard floor cleaner is an award-winning multi-purpose machine. It has a powerful vacuum action, which sucks dirt and grime off the floor and places it in the back tank. It can clean hard floors without the need for a second cleaner, and its two-tank design means you never have to change outlets. It is also easy to use, and is especially useful in households with sealed wood floors.

The Karcher SE 4001 3-in-1 Hard Flooring and Carpet Cleaner is a powerful and versatile carpet and floor cleaning machine. Its tank holds 4.8 litres of cleaning solution. It features a handy accessory storage compartment and a locking handle that makes the tool easier to handle. Its water pump helps clean the hardest floors, while its spray wand provides effective cleaning results.

The SE 4001 combines a wet and dry vacuum with a spray extraction system. The new nozzle technology helps clean more thoroughly and dries the carpet faster. This machine also includes a wet and dry floor nozzle with a nozzle for crevice cleaning. It comes with a cleaning detergent, which is also sold separately.

The SE 4001 has an integrated spray vacuum hose and an additional nozzle for upholstery cleaning. It works to remove stains by penetrating deep into the textile surface, leaving it squeaky clean. The nozzle is suitable for households with pets and allergy sufferers. In addition, the large 4-litre tank is transparent and easy to refill. The detachable water tank makes emptying and filling the machine easier. The intake dirty water collects in a container to prevent any spills.

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