Which is The Best Carpet Cleaner Brand UK

The Best Carpet Cleaner Brands UK are Bissell and Vax. Both companies are market leaders in the UK carpet cleaning market. Bissell only has a few models, but their compact power carpet cleaners are good selling budget models. Other popular but not so big Carpet cleaner brands in the UK include Polti Vaporetto, Hoover, Shark and Rug Doctor.


Vax Carpet Cleaners UK are a British brand founded in 1977. They have a long history in carpet cleaning and are considered innovators in their industry. Vax’s first design, the 101 vacuum cleaner, was an instant hit and remains a staple in many homes today. These machines are designed to be easy to use and are effective at removing a range of different kinds of dirt. Vax carpet cleaners are suited to all kinds of flooring, including carpets, tiles, and vinyl.

Vax’s upholstery cleaners come with two motorised brush rollers that work to loosen stains and dirt from your carpet. Their hoses are 2.5 metres long and have an antimicrobial tool that clips on to them. The spinning brush head automatically massages stains in your carpet or rugs. A 500ml antibacterial cleaner and 250ml pre-treatment solution are also included with these machines. Vax is one of the leading brands of carpet cleaners in the UK.


If you are a family with pets and have heavy use on your carpet, a Bissell carpet cleaner can make a world of difference. The cleaner has separate tanks for dirty and clean water, making it ideal for spot cleaning. However, it’s important to remember that this product is noisy and can leave your carpet soaking wet. Therefore, it’s best to use this machine on carpets that you can clean yourself instead of paying for professional cleaning services.

Bissell carpet cleaners offer a range of different solutions. From a portable spot cleaner to a heavy-duty Big Green, there’s a Bissell carpet cleaner to fit your needs. Bissell cleaners are similar to Vax, although they are slightly more expensive. The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is one of the best-selling models. This carpet cleaner is ideal for cleaning stairs and furniture. It has a powerful motor that will remove stains, leaving your carpet clean and hygienic.

Polti Vaporetto

If you want to get a deep clean of your carpets, you can use Polti Vaporetto carpet cleaners. These steam cleaners have the power to sanitise your home. They can kill household dust mites and denature allergens without using chemicals or inhaling their fumes. The steam cleaners are suitable for most flooring types, including parquet.

There are many benefits to using a Polti Vaporetto carpet cleaner. These cleaners are designed to clean carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and even kitchen hoods. The steam cleaner is highly efficient and comes with 15 different attachments to clean any surface. Its turbo intelligence system and powerful steam action will help you get a deep clean carpet. Whether it’s a rug, carpet, or upholstery, you can find a suitable Polti Vaporetto carpet cleaner to meet your needs.

Vax Dual Power

The dual power of Vax vacuum cleaners are designed to give your carpets the deepest clean possible, while the twin tanks and wash tool make the process quick and easy. These machines are lightweight and easy to use, with a large volume capacity of 2.7 litres. They use 800 watts of power and come with an 8-metre cord. The Dual Power also comes with a pre-treatment solution that neutralises lingering pet odours.

The Vax Dual Power Pro is a powerful vacuum cleaner that delivers excellent carpet cleaning and stain removal. There are few operational issues with this machine, but it is prone to oversaturating hard floors and carpets. It also has a tendency to drip, making it hard to clean the cleaning head. But other than that, the Vax Dual Power Pro is a fantastic value for money. It offers great stain removal and comes with a six-year guarantee, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

The best carpet cleaner brand UK is Hoover, but the brand has many other great models. As a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners for over 100 years, Hoover has developed powerful and easy-to-use products to help you clean your entire home and the air in it. As a result, Hoover has become a household icon and one of the most recognized and trusted names in the United Kingdom. The first Hoover vacuum cleaner, the Model 0 was introduced in 1907 by Murray Spangler, a janitor who suffered from asthma.

Hoover makes many different vacuums, including corded and cordless models. Many models come with accessories and are easy to use. Some models have a hose attachment to make cleaning easier, and some have extensions to allow you to reach hard-to-reach places. In addition to vacuuming floors, Hoover vacuums also come with a canister that can be removed for cleaning upholstery and small areas. And while the majority of Hoover vacuums are upright, there are several models available that feature a canister.

Hoover’s range of handheld vacuums is extremely affordable. Although these cleaners are okay for light cleaning, they fall short in larger homes. However, canister and upright vacuums are some of the most popular Hoover models. Although they can cost several hundred pounds, many of them come with HEPA filters and additional cleaning hoses. More expensive Hoover models also have self-adjusting cleaning heads and self-propelled motors.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Shark vacuums have impressive accessories. The duo-clean technology makes it easy to vacuum both carpets and hard floors with ease. The Shark Rocket upright vacuum has an eight-metre cord and is capable of cleaning both surfaces very efficiently. It has excellent suction power and does not require battery replacement. It also comes with a 1.6-litre bagless waste container. The suction power is excellent and it does not leave a mess.

If you’re on a tight budget, Shark vacuums can help you save money. You can also take advantage of special offers, such as Black Friday, on Shark vacuums. Shark even offers a quiz on their website to help you find the perfect match for your needs. And if you’re in doubt as to which vacuum you’ll need, take a look at the reviews on the Amazon website.

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

If you’re looking to clean your carpets and upholstery, Rug Doctor is the brand for you. With over 30 years of experience, they have created some of the most effective carpet cleaning machines on the market. With warehouse distribution in the UK, the Rug Doctor brand has become one of the most trusted brands in the world. They offer high quality cleaning machines for professional and do-it-yourself users. But why is it so popular? Here’s a look at some of the benefits of rug cleaning with the Rug Doctor brand.

The Rug Doctor features a huge cleaning tank and a lightweight 2.4-metre hose. The floorhead waste tank is surprisingly large for a machine this size. It also features a large float switch and hose attachment port. If you’re looking to buy a Rug Doctor, you’re better off going for a model that doesn’t cost more than £500.

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