Wilks USA Pressure Washer

Wilks USA Pressure Washer

The Wilks-USA pressure washer is one of the best in its class. This pressure washing machine is suitable for a wide range of cleaning jobs, such as patio, brickwork and garden furniture. It can also be used to wash cars and bikes. It is easy to assemble and comes with a 30-metre hose. It is available in two different price ranges – the lower-cost WR510 has a price of around £90 while the more expensive RX550 has a higher price tag.

wilks usa pressure washer

The Wilks-USA RX510 has a maximum flow rate of 450 L/hr and a Himore Brass Axial Pump. It also comes with a drain cleaning nozzle, a spark plug remover and a multi-screw driver. It measures 645mm in diameter and weighs 1.6kg. This unit is great for cleaning cars, while also being easy to store.

The RX550i from Wilks-USA is a heavy-duty pressure washer suitable for car washing, light cleaning and other heavy tasks. The motor delivers plenty of power and reduces cleaning times, while its 6 nozzles and a straight lance ensure you can tackle any job. The Wilks-USA RX550i petrol pressure washer weighs 39kg and comes with an extension hose.

The RX550i pressure washer by Wilks-USA is a top of the range tool with adjustable pressure between 155 and 262 bars. It has a trolley design and is equipped with a range of accessories and fittings to make it a versatile piece of equipment. It is a powerful pressure washer that can effectively clean driveways, the toughest garden tools and car paint. A wide range of attachments is also included.

The RX550i pressure washer from Wilks-USA is a mid-range machine with a 1950 PSI pressure. Its dimensions are 280mm x 400mm. Despite its small size, it features numerous nozzles for cleaning, and it also comes with a warranty. Its high-pressure water output means that it is perfect for washing patios and other outdoor areas.