How Do Hot Water Pressure Washers Work?

How Do Hot Water Pressure Washers Work?

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Hot water pressure washers are the best choice for tough cleaning jobs, especially on outdoor surfaces. The temperature of hot water, which can reach 250 degrees, can melt greasy residue and remove it without the use of chemicals. That means there are fewer environmental issues involved with disposal. And the water pressure is extremely high, meaning it can clean almost any surface with ease. If you’re interested in hot water pressure washers, whether for commercial or personal use here are some to consider.

Lavor NPX4 1310M Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Lavor NPX4 1310M is a high-pressure washer that features a built-in detergent tank and an ergonomic handle. Its three ceramic coated pistons are ideally suited for cleaning car and truck interiors, as well as exteriors. It also has a delayed automatic stop system and a high-thermal-efficiency steel coil for cleaning. The impact-resistant, ergonomic handles are very easy to handle.

The temperature of the water can be adjusted, so you can use it as you need. The hot water setting allows you to clean stains according to their nature. Low pressure is a good choice for light dirt. It helps remove dirt and saves electricity. On the other hand, high-pressure settings can be used to get tougher stains, like grease or oil. However, you should keep in mind that hot water pressure is more effective for stain removal than cold water.

Hyundai 2600 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Hyundai 2600 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washers are available in different sizes and capacities, from domestic to commercial use. Hyundai also offers different kinds of accessories for this product. You can purchase a high-pressure trigger gun, a 10 metre hose, a 700mm lance, and a professional nozzle. You can also find the best deals on the product on comparison websites. Hyundai also offers a 1-year warranty for its pressure washers.

The HY210HPW-3 hot water pressure washer is designed to cut through stubborn grease and grime. The machine uses water temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius for a deep clean. It is a good choice for cleaning farm machinery, large vehicles, and other heavy objects. The pressure washer can also clean vehicles, including cars and vans. It also comes with a detergent tank for storing detergents.

Comet Patriot 140 Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Comet Patriot 140 Hot Water Pressure Washer is a heavy-duty, single-phase hot water machine that is compact and reliable. Its diesel vertical instantaneous boiler heats water to over 90 degC and its water pressure is a whopping 140 psi. Its compact design and easy-to-understand controls make it an excellent choice for domestic cleaning tasks. This pressure washer is perfect for cleaning cars, outdoor walls, gates, and more.

The Comet Patriot 140 Hot Water Pressure Washer has a sturdy and compact design, and it comes with large rubber wheels for easy mobility. Its ergonomically-designed handle allows for easy maneuverability. The water inlet is located conveniently on the handle, and it comes with a foam lance. This pressure washer also features a built-in foam lance. It has a 4-liter diesel tank and a capacity of 140 gallons of water.

Sealey PW2000HW 135bar Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Sealey PW2000HW 135Bar Hot Water Pressure Washer is a powerful, professional-grade hot/cold water pressure washer designed for commercial and extensive domestic use. It features a diesel water heater and heavy-duty induction electric motor, three durable steel pistons, and a detergent tank built in for direct suction. Its automatic Total Stop System turns the motor on and off when the lance trigger is operated. The motor is also fitted with a high-powered 2100W motor and a unique Total Stop System which turns the machine on and off automatically when the lance trigger is operated.