Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Cleaner

Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Cleaner

If you’re considering purchasing an Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Cleaner, you’ve probably heard of the 3 in 1 model. The EP170 is a versatile tool that combines a scrubber, polisher, and a 780 W Cyclonic Bagless HEPA Filter Vac. It delivers 2,200 rpm on contra-rotating discs, and has an optional cyclonic vacuum, which is handy for vacuuming before and after polishing.

The Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Scrubber and Polisher is lightweight and easy to use, suitable for all types of bare floor surfaces. Its polishing solution adds a professional high sheen to floors. You can use this floor polish on all types of floors to get a high-sheen finish that will impress your guests. It’s also easy to use and requires no special training.

Unlike the heavy-duty commercial machines, the EP170 is designed to be easy to carry around. It has a lightweight body, telescopic handles, and an easy-to-fill water tank. The Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Polisher is easy to handle and won’t cause any damage to your floors. The machine weighs just 3.4 kilos, with a 24-inch cleaning path. The Ewbank EP170 works with tile, wood, marble, and laminate floors.

The EP170 features a 160W power source and comes with a cleaning pad and three different colour-coded discs. The white scouring pad is for heavy-duty cleaning, the blue microfibre pad for light cleaning, and the yellow coral pad is for buffing. The Ewbank EP170’s re-usable cleaning and polishing pad comes with replacement brushes and pads.

The EP170 Lightweight Floor Polisher is ideal for use on hard floors and includes a 23-foot cord for convenience. It comes with interchangeable pads for different cleaning needs, and a one-year limited warranty. Its unique headlight is easy to use and features a built-in water sprayer. The EP170 is also lightweight, so it’s easier to carry around than heavy floor cleaners.

Before using your new floor polisher, it’s important to clean the floor. If the floor is extremely dirty, it’s a good idea to use brushes or white scrubbing pads. To get the best results, you should move slowly and carefully, buffing every ten square feet. Remember, the floor polisher can cause scratches if you scrub too hard or too long. A thorough cleaning of the floor will make the process go quicker.

Choose a floor polisher with ergonomic handles. Floor polishers with ergonomically shaped handles will be easier to handle, and their lightweight design makes them more convenient to carry. You’ll also notice a smoother finish thanks to the telescopic pole. The EP170 is an ideal floor polisher for both wood and tile floors. Its triangular head will reach under furniture and corners.