Bosch High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 120

Bosch Aquatak 120 Pressure Washer

The Bosch High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 120 is an entry-level solution that will provide you with the cleaning power you need to take care of the smallest projects. This lightweight and compact machine is perfect for light cleaning tasks and occasional use around the home. Its price and features will help you decide whether this is the right tool for you. However, before you buy it, you should know how it works.

The compact design and high pressure power of the EasyAquatak 120 makes it a very convenient pressure washer. It weighs about 5kg and has a large support base. The spray gun is made of sturdy materials and includes three different nozzles. The foam nozzle is useful for detergent-based cleaning. The variable fan nozzle is a good choice for blasting away dirt. The in-built filter helps you control the amount of water that goes into the unit.

If you’re worried about your car getting underpowered, you can buy a high-pressure washer that comes with a built-in hose and a car hose. You can extend the cable to reach a particular spot, but you’ll have to be careful not to get things wet while you’re working. You can also purchase a second cable reel and hose to extend the length of your pressure washer.

The EasyAquatak 120 is a powerful pressure washer with a low water consumption. The hose is a vital component of cleaning, so you can never be too careful. The EasyAquatak 120’s high water pressure and hose capacity allow it to clean a wide variety of surfaces. It also enables you to get rid of algae, dirt, and other muck in a single wash.

The EasyAquatak 120 is a portable pressure washer with a high-pressure hose and a turbo nozzle. It comes with a power cord and a six-metre hose. Its hose has quick-connect fittings for easy assembly. Its nozzle can be attached to any part of the pressure washer. Unlike a normal pressure washer, this tool is portable and can be used for various tasks.