BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Hey there! Today, I’m excited to share my experience with the BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner. A powerful tool designed for cold ash pickup, this bad boy brings plenty of suction power with a strong 1200W motor. But it’s not just about power. It’s about keeping the air clean and protecting your motor with a dual filtration system. Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Design and Quality: A Compact Powerhouse

The BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner immediately strikes you with its well-thought-out design. It’s compact and lightweight, yet sturdy and powerful, which I absolutely love. The extended 1.5m lined-metal hose and 4.5m cable ensure easy cleaning of all corners. However, keep in mind that the lightweight design can make it prone to dents. Still, I’m willing to overlook this small flaw given its performance and features.

Product’s Key Features and Functionality: More Than Just An Ash Vacuum

One of the most impressive features of this vacuum is its dual filtration system. This prevents fine dust particles from escaping into your breathing space and damaging the motor. Additionally, it features a handy filling level indicator, telling you when it’s time to empty the canister. So, you don’t need to guess or manually check – the machine does it for you!

BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner with Double Stage Filtration System, 20L, 1200W, Ash Vac 200L
  • Powerful 1200w Motor Brings Plenty of Suction Power. Designed for cold ash pickup.
  • Dual Filtration System prevents fine dust particles from escaping into your breathing space and protect the motor from being damaged.
  • Filling level indicator tells you when to empty the canister.
  • 1.5m extended lined-metal hose and 4.5m cable allow you clean all corners easily.
  • Includes: Container lid, Metal container, Metal suction hose, Aluminum suction tube, Pleated filter, Dacron type filter bag, three wheels.

Comparison with Similar Products: The Clear Winner

Compared to other ash vacuums I’ve tried, the BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner clearly stands out. The powerful motor and excellent dual filtration system are features you don’t come across often, especially at this price point.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful suction
  • Dual filtration system
  • Extended hose and cable


  • Prone to dents
  • The hose might get blocked with larger particles

Why the BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner is Better Than Other Products

The BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner truly shines in its functionality and performance. The powerful motor, the efficient dual filtration system, and the convenience of the filling level indicator set it apart from the competition. It’s a robust tool that makes cleaning ash a breeze.

User Experiences and Testimonials

I’m not the only one who’s been impressed by this ash vacuum. Reviews from across the UK echo the sentiments I’ve expressed. Users have praised its strong suction power, the handy filter indicator, and the overall convenience of use. However, some users have reported that the hose gets blocked with larger particles. Still, the majority of users recommend this product for its excellent performance with ash and fine dust.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of your BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner, remember to clean the filters regularly. Also, be mindful when vacuuming larger particles to prevent the hose from blocking.


Q: Can it pick up hot ashes? A: No, it’s designed for cold ash pickup only.

Q: Where can I get replacement filters? A: Replacement filters are available online.

Bestseller No. 1
Dusty Bin DB16 Ash Vacuum Cleaner - Corded Hot Ash Vac for Fireplace, Outdoor BBQ Cleaner, Stove, Workshop, Log Burner or Chimney - HEPA Dual Filtration System, 20L Capacity Cylinder
  • Suitable for Ashes Up to 55°C - With a fire resistant hepa filter, this multi purpose bagless ash vacuum cleaner makes light work of all soot and ash filled fireplaces, log burners, fire pits, and stoves. It can also be used as a BBQ grate cleaner, workshop vacuum cleaner, and even a leaf blower outdoor cleaner
  • Powerful and Robust - The long-lasting, 1000W motor provides strong suction, leading to a powerful cleaning performance. It’s robust ash cleaning design makes use and emptying hassle-free. Its extra large 20L ash bin tank capacity helps to clean for longer
  • New Dual Filtration System - New for the 2023 Dusty Bin Range is a dual filtration system giving you improved performance! The HEPA filters are washable and fire-resistant for safe hot ash vacuum cleaning. Coupled with the additional fire retardant cloth filter, this system has been designed to last and offer exceptional performance, ideal cleaning barbecue accessories for use during the summer season
  • Lightweight and Manoeuvrable - Only weighing 3.9kg, whether its being used indoors, outdoors or to clean the car, these small vacuum cleaners are very easy to carry around with flexible metal lined hose and nozzle. There is an added Blow Function making it simple to create piles of dust before vacuuming it away, ideal as a chimney cleaner, barbeque cleaner, or for clearing debris from lawns, driveways and decking
  • 1 Year Warranty Included - Our corded ash vacuum cleaner comes backed by a 1 year warranty for total piece of mind - buy with confidence
Bestseller No. 2
VonHaus Ash Vacuum Cleaner 800W 15L – Home or Workshop Vacuum – Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – Bagless Debris Ash Dust Collector for Fireplaces, Grills, BBQ’s, Fire Pits, Stoves, Log Burners & Chimineas
  • LARGE 15L CAPACITY: Tired of the extensive clean-up after an evening of relaxing in front of the firepit, or hosting a family BBQ? Make life easier with the VonHaus ash vacuum, boasting 800W of power.
  • LONG-REACH: Complete with a 1.25m flexible hose, 4m power cord, and aluminium nozzle – access all those hard-to-reach areas and rid your space of residue for good. This log burner vacuum cleaner leaves nowhere unturned.
  • 3 FILTERS INCLUDED: Create a cleansed space every time with the ash vac’s removable filters. The debris filter prevents blockages, whilst the HEPA and fabric filters trap fine allergen particles.
  • CARRY HANDLE: Weighing just 3.6kg, use this ash vacuum cleaner anywhere around your house, garden, and workshop. Simply slot in the attachments and use the carry handle for easy transportation.
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: All our products are backed by a minimum 2 year warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we're here for you. Use our products with confidence.
Bestseller No. 3
Zanbeel Ash Vacuum Cleaner 15L, 800W Collector Fireplace BBQ Stoves Home Workshop Grills Fire Pits Log Burners Chimineas HEPA Filter Bagless Dust Debris
  • Serious Power - The brushless motor provides powerful suction with relatively low noise, provides continuous 18-kPa suction to lift embedded cold ash with ease.
  • The 800W with a any kind of dirt and especially coarse rubble, such as broken glass. Due to the metal body and the aluminium suction tube, it is especially suitable for vacuuming up cold ashes.
  • The particularly powerful motor ensures increased suction power, while the 1.5m power cable and the 1m long, reinforced suction hose ensure maximum flexibility. A washable, fireproof cotton filter with metal protective grid and the HEPA fine dust filter enable good filtration.
  • The practical carrying handle is kept extra flat. Quick releases on the lid allow easy emptying of the large 15L container.
  • Switching between suction and blowing function is made easier by a practical bayonet lock on the suction pipe.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Kärcher 1.629-715.0, AD 2 Ash Vacuum, Black, 14 L Container, 600 W, 14 liters
  • Integrated Filter Cleaning - Integrated filter cleaning at the push of a button. For high and long-lasting suction power.
  • Maximum Filtration - Consisting of flat pleated, metal and coarse dirt filter. Maximum comfort thanks to simple filter removal and container cleaning without contact with dirt.
  • Maximum Safety - Flame-resistant material, metal container, jacketed metal hose and handle with electrostatic protection For maximum safety while vacuuming ash - even when used incorrectly.
  • Pull and Push Locking System - The container can be quickly and easily opened, closed and emptied.
  • 1.2 m suction hose made of jacketed metal - For safe working. High degree of pliability and flexibility.

Conclusion: An Ash Vacuum Worth Considering

To sum it all up, the BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner is a potent tool that excels in suction power and air filtration. Yes, it has its minor flaws, like being prone to dents and potential blockages with larger particles. But these small hiccups are overshadowed by the strong performance and practical features it offers. Whether you’re cleaning a fireplace or a wood pellet boiler, this vacuum cleaner does an amazing job. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to make their ash cleaning easier and more efficient!

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