AirCraft PowerGlide Cordless Rechargeable Hard Floor Cleaner and Polisher

AirCraft PowerGlide Cordless Rechargeable Hard Floor Cleaner and Polisher

With the cordless design of the AirCraft PowerGlide, you can clean your entire home without worrying about plugging it into an outlet. The microfibre cloths spin at 250 rpm while the cleaning fluid is applied to the floor. The spray is applied to the floor just in front of the mop, which means that it doesn’t get on furniture or spill over the cleaning fluid.

With its high-performance cleaning capabilities, the PowerGlide is a convenient way to clean your hard floors. With its two rotating discs, this unit can clean up to 20 square metres of hard flooring per minute. It’s quiet in operation, and has a long battery life. The unit’s cordless design makes it easy to store and use in any room of your house.

The AirCraft PowerGlide Cordless is a great choice for cleaning your hard floors, and it has an excellent price. The cleaning performance is impressive and its rotating microfibre cloths are gentle on all kinds of floor surfaces. The machine includes separate pads for waxing and polishing your floors. Unlike its traditional counterparts, the PowerGlide is compact and easy to use, which makes it an excellent option for busy households.

The PowerGlide cordless model is very quiet in operation, and its twin rotating microfibre pads are very effective at lifting dirt and stains. You can control the volume of floor cleaner you wish to apply with the push of a button. It’s also cordless, which makes it perfect for travelers. If you’re looking for a cordless hard floor cleaner, the PowerGlide is definitely the best choice.

The POWERGLIDE comes in a convenient box. It requires some assembly but once you’ve assembled it, the handle snaps into place. It’s easy to stand it up without the help of a ladder or a chair. Its handle extends for comfort and storage. If you want to use it while sitting, the handle can be removed from the top to create a flat surface.